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7 Mistakes Buyers Make in Harrisburg

Buying a house will probably be the largest financial transaction of your entire life. So you need to go into it armed with the knowledge that will prevent your making mistakes you’ll have to live with for the next few decades. Still, many home buyers are not well enough prepared and often don’t make good … Continued

Why Summertime Is The Best Time To Buy A House in Harrisburg

Traditionally, spring has been touted as the best time to buy a house. Summer, however, edges out spring as the best house-buying season in several important respects. And in certain locations where summer temperatures reach the miserable level (for example, Phoenix), summer is the slow season for real estate and is absolutely the best time … Continued

Tips for Getting The Best Price on A Harrisburg Home

When it’s time to buy a home, we all want to get the best price possible. It would be foolish to do otherwise, wouldn’t it? The negotiations stage is that critical part of the home-buying process where you can get a great deal – or lose a bunch of money. But armed with some proven … Continued

Step By Step Guide To Help You Relocate To Harrisburg

Moving to a new home, especially relocating to a new state, can be an exciting new stage in your life. But it’s never completely enjoyable and is often filled with more than a little trepidation and anxiety. But with some preparation, planning, and thought-out execution that takes into account the three stages of packing, moving, … Continued

5 Home Buying Mistakes Hiring A Harrisburg Agent Will Help You Avoid

There are many aspects to buying a home that a normal person who isn’t in the industry daily might not understand. A professional real estate agent’s job is to juggle all the components involved in the purchase. Without the right professional help, homebuyers risk making costly mistakes that either kill the deal or leave them with huge … Continued

10 Simple Ways To Clean Up Your House For Showings in Harrisburg!

Preparing your house for showings, especially the cleaning, can appear at first glance like an overwhelming, hopeless undertaking. And it most likely will be if you don’t go about it in the right way.  There are, however, some tricks and tactics to make the whole thing much more manageable. So pay attention to these simple … Continued

5 Ways A Buyers Agent Will Save You Time in Harrisburg

Time is something that is very limited for most of us today, and if we have a chance to save a little of it, we probably should. If you’re in the market to buy a house, a buyer’s agent can likely save some of your valuable time. A buyer’s agent works only for the buyer … Continued