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4 Common Myths About Selling Property in Harrisburg

If you’ve let it out of the bag that you’re considering selling property, you’ve no doubt already received all kinds of well-meaning advice from family and friends. Some of that advice may be good, but, unfortunately, some of it will just be flat wrong. There are all kinds of myths and misconceptions that abound concerning … Continued

Exactly How Much Money You Need to Buy a House in Harrisburg

Despite the often long and complicated process, buying a new home is almost always an exciting adventure. But there’s that small matter of money that usually dampens the excitement. Many home buyers, especially first-time buyers, just don’t realize the true cost of buying a house and how much money they’ll need – but that’s something … Continued

3 Tips to Help You Find the Best Real Estate Broker in Harrisburg

Buying or selling a home is no small or easy task. And if you’re like most people, you will engage the services of a real estate professional for the assistance you need and to make sure everything goes off smoothly throughout the whole process. The problem is that it’s difficult to cut through all the … Continued

An Average Timeframe for Buying a House in Harrisburg

How long does the process of buying a house take? The short and not-very-helpful answer is anywhere from four weeks to six months or more. There are so many variables involved – things such as local market conditions, how picky a buyer is, how strong the buyer’s offer is, and how good the buyer’s agent … Continued

Tax Implications of Selling Your Home in Harrisburg

If you’re selling your home, you likely just want to get it over with and get started on the new chapter in your life in your new home. But hold on – you may have to deal with the tax man. If you made a profit on the sale of your home, you may to … Continued