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How to Generate Multiple Offers for Your House in Harrisburg

One of the most rewarding parts of selling your home is the point where you have a handful of excited and motivated buyers putting in offers. In order to increase your chances of seeing a vigorous bidding war, let’s look into ways to generate multiple offers for your house in Harrisburg. Preparation Is Key Before … Continued

4 Signs You Are Paying Too Much for a House in Harrisburg

Finding the right house for you and then taking the steps towards closing on it is an exciting time that can sometimes hamper judgment in favor of racing to the finish line. To help you from turning your next home purchase from a success to a financial blunder, let’s take a look at 4 signs … Continued

5 Things Great Harrisburg Real Estate Agents do That Go Above and Beyond

Most real estate agents have the basic necessary training and skill to get the job done. They have communication skills, negotiating expertise, and knowledge of the local market. But most buyers/sellers want more than pretty good or just adequate. A truly great agent, though, can make all the difference in the complex, anxiety-inducing process of … Continued

Pros and Cons of Buying an Older House in Harrisburg

There’s no doubt about it: older homes have character. From that grand fireplace to the superb craftsmanship in the woodwork to the overall nostalgic appeal, older homes have a lot to offer. But they also have drawbacks, such as greater maintenance requirements and higher utility bills. So which should you opt for – a newer … Continued

A Home Buyers Guide to Property Taxes in Harrisburg

There’s more the cost of buying and owning a home than the mortgage payments you’ll make each month. You will also have several other annual expenses. One of these, which can be fairly substantial depending on several factors, is property taxes. Your property taxes are critical to your community and directly affect the cost of … Continued

How to Sell Your House in Harrisburg After a Divorce

The involved process of selling a home takes a serious commitment of time and effort, and that becomes even more so if the sellers are divorced. To prepare both you and your former partner for the road ahead, let’s look at how to sell your house in Harrisburg after a divorce. Put Your Differences Aside … Continued